Websites, trademark searches & blog.

The following resources may be helpful in assessing your trademark needs.  I provide links to useful trademark and intellectual property websites, explain how the availability of trademarks is determined, and offer my thoughts on various trademark issues which may be relevant to you and your business.

Trademark sites

The United States Patent and Trademark Office 
The official U.S. government site which offers trademark information, a searchable database of pending, registered, and cancelled federal trademarks, and various downloadable trademark forms.

The International Trademark Association
The website of the leading, worldwide association of trademark owners and advisors which offers general information regarding trademarks and trademark policy and advocacy.

European Union Intellectual Property Office
The official European Union (EU) Trademark Office website, where EU trademark information is available, including a searchable database of EU trademarks.

Canadian Intellectual Property Office
The official Canadian Trademark Office website, where Canadian trademark information is available, including a searchable database of Canadian trademarks.

Intellectual Property sites

Information about the treaties administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the services it offers.

WIPO Collection of Laws from Around the World 
Database providing links to intellectual property legislation and treaties from around the world.

Information from the non-profit organization Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) about the domain name registration and dispute resolution system.

Hieros Gamos Guide to Intellectual Property Law 
A comprehensive legal site capable of searching 11,000 law and government sites.  The Intellectual Property section covers all areas of intellectual property, with links to legal resources worldwide.

Trademark Availability Searches

A search helps determine the availability of a trademark and is an important first step in the trademark process. 

Two levels of searching are available: (1) an in-house preliminary or “knockout” search and (2) a comprehensive search. 

Note: since trademark rights are territorial, certain foreign trademark searches are not covered on this site and should be discussed independently.

MY Blog

Practical, straight forward articles on the subject of trademarks and other legal issues.  Here you can find information on such topics as:

  • The difference between a company name and a trademark;
  • Which types of trademarks are the easiest to protect;
  • What to consider when filing a U.S. trademark application;
  • How to use the "TM," "SM" and Ⓡ symbols; and
  • The trademark classification system and why it matters.